Standing Committees


Please find details below of the various VWA Standing Committees.

High Performance Review Group

Board Representatives – Robyn Kuhl, Damian Oldmeadow and Paul Prindiville

Coaching Representatives – Angie Ayers, Gareth Bowen, Mitchell Collins, Cameron Edwards, Travis Luff and Martin Suan

Previous Coaching Representatives – Pauline Manser and Steve Petsos

VWA Committee Chairperson – Craig Butler (Junior), Robyn Kuhl (Referee), Damian Oldmeadow (Beach) and Paul Prindiville (Coaching)

SS/SM Representatives – Martin Binnie and Tara West

VWA Executive Officer – Kyle West

Industry Think Tank

Board Representatives – Robyn Kuhl and  Damian Oldmeadow

Beach Representatives – Rory Read and Martin Suan

Indoor Representatives – Kalina Bartlett, Peter Batty, Stue Carr and Mitchell Collins

Indoor Beach Representatives – Darrel Fox, Mark Johnson and Rod Taylor

Regional Representatives – Tyler Gow and Nick Wells

Risk Management

Chairperson – Ian Phipps

Committee Members – Darren Beltman and Helen Shields

Board of Management Representative – Robyn Kuhl and Ian Phipps

VWA Executive Officer – Helen Shields


WAVL Indoor 

Committee Members – Kalina Bartlett – President, ECU Chequers Volleyball Club, Peter Batty – President, Rossmoyne Volleyball Club, Mitchell Collins – President, Balcatta Volleyball Club, David Hutchins – President, Busselton Volleyball, Jason Galea – President, Northern Stars Volleyball Club, Bethany Morris – President, Perth Coastal Volleyball Club, Manu Nair – President, University Volleyball Club and Stephen Page – President, Southern Cross Volleyball Club

WAVL Tournament Director – Robyn Fittock

VWA Referee Committee Chairperson – Danielle Francis

Board of Management Representatives – Robyn Kuhl

VWA Executive Officer – Jason Laverdure


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