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Volleyball Australia and Volleyball WA are Sporting Schools partners!

Volleyball WA is excited to grow children’s lifelong love of sport, and in an effort to do so we have partnered with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to get kids active, engaged, and having fun through the Sporting Schools programme. This programme focuses on increasing sports participation before, during, and after school hours, and is set to become the nation’s biggest participation-based programme ever! Funding is available to schools to engage quality coaches to deliver sporting programs and clinics.

We are excited to be a part of this sporting journey and to be working closely with Australia’s primary schools, teachers, coaches and parents to nurture the next generation’s commitment and love of sport now, and into the future.

Volleyball WA is delivering Sporting Schools Spikezone clinics as a modified version of volleyball designed especially for primary school students. Spikezone can be modified to suit various group sizes, skill levels and ages to ensure players have a fun experience whilst learning the game.

The modifications include:

  • A smaller sized court (13 metres by 6.5 metres)
  • A lower net height (2 metres)
  • A softer and lighter ball
  • Less players on the court
  • Slight changes to the rules

Schools can purchase their own equipment from VWA.

The program is designed for children to learn volleyball in a fun, game orientated learning environment. It is a great, non-contact, group activity for all children and all their friends.

Students can progress to an ongoing Spikezone Program in WA.

We encourage active participation from the teachers when we run sessions, to help to develop their understanding and knowledge of the game and be able to continue running volleyball sessions after we have finished our clinics. Teachers will have access to programme resources and will be informed of additional opportunities for further development through  Teacher Professional Developemnt.

Sporting Schools Booking System

Sporting Schools have developed an online platform for schools to make booking requests for their Sporting Schools program. Schools use the system to search for sports packages that meet their school’s needs.

Schools can:

  • view the Sporting Schools sport packages on offer;
  • compare sport packages by using the search filter;
  • nominate for teacher-delivered sport packages; and
  • send NSOs and coaching provider’s real time, electronic notifications of their booking requests.

Visit Booking System Partner Portal and Login with your registered email address and password.

More information on booking a coach delivered program.

More information on booking a teacher delivered sports package.

Are you interested in becoming a Sporting Schools coach for Volleyball WA?

Contact VWA to express your interest to coach and register as a coach on the Sporting Schools website.

Volleyball Clubs and Associations in WA interested in delivering volleyball in the Sporting Schools Programme are encouraged to contact VWA.