Spikezone is our modified version of Volleyball designed especially for primary school students.

The modifications include:

  • A smaller sized court (13 metres by 6.5 metres)
  • A lower net height (2 metres)
  • A softer and lighter ball
  • Less players on the court
  • Slight changes to the rules

Like Volleyball, Spikezone is about getting the ball over the net in three hits or less and winning the rally because the ball hits the ground in the opposition’s court, the opposition fails to return the ball over the net in three hits or the opposition hits the ball out of court.

The program is designed for children where they can learn volleyball in a fun, game orientated learning environment. It is a great group activity for the children and all their friends.

This new competition is played on a weekly basis out of school hours.  The competition will run alongside the school terms, making each program 8 to 10 weeks long with a break over school holidays.  All locations will have referees provided and also some volleyball players from our volleyball community along side the court to help out and assist with any questions.

Current Spikezone Centres are:

Visit the club find function for the club contact details