Teacher PD Workshops


Volleyball WA aims to support teachers across the education system by increasing their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of volleyball, enabling them to pass this on to our future generation.

This Professional Development workshop is open to Primary and Secondary School Teachers, as well as Coaches and Parent Coaches at your school. This is a physical session, so please dress in sports attire including court shoes.

The learning outcomes of the workshop are:

  • Passing, setting, spiking and serving skills
  • Coaching and basic refereeing skills
  • Game Ideas
  • New Drills
  • Individual skill progression, advancing to basic team play

To register for the upcoming 2018 Teacher PD please click here.

Feedback from teachers who have completed the course:

“Perfect presentation by the presenter, covered all content and highly valuable”

“Very knowledge, gave specific instructions and was able to assist with ideas for my particular school, youth at risk”

For more information please contact development@volleyballwa.com.au.