ATABT 19/20 – Round 1: Qualification

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Alcohol. Think Again Beach Volleyball Tour 2019/20

ROUND 1 – Qualification

Date: 16 – 17 November 2019
Location: City Beach

Technical meeting : 6.15 am for the morning session and for the afternoon session the time will be announced on the fixtures.

Event Information

The tournament will adopt the following format irrespective of elite or competitive formats:

Teams will be placed in pools of 4 teams;

  • Any over flow will be pools of 5 teams.
  • The first day of the tournament will be split into two halves, with three pools playing on two courts, in each half of the day.
  • Matches will be best of three sets (15, 15, 12 uncapped), with a 45 minute time-slot for each match. For finals day, matches will be best of three sets (15, 15, 12 uncapped) without a time limit.
  • The top 24/32 teams (depending on the size of the draw – above 51 teams per gender will mean the top 32 teams progress) will progress to single elimination on the Sunday. A minimum of two teams will progress from each pool.
  • For competitive divisions we will try to have finals on the same day where possible.
  • All teams will be assigned an individual finishing position. Teams finishing in the same position in the draw will be ranked based on point percentage during their pool play.

Nominations are open in your Volleyball WA member portal 

For further information please contact the [email protected] or call the office on 9228 8522.


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