Alcohol. Think Again Beach Volleyball Tour Round #4 – City Beach

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The Alcohol. Think Again WA Beach Volleyball Tour is WA’s premier beach volleyball competition and provides competition for WA’s elite, developing and social level athletes at WA’s spectacular beaches.

Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour – Round #4 City Beach

Date: Saturday 19th January 2019  & Sunday 20th January 2019
Location: City Beach (North side of Clancy’s Fish Pub)
Time: TBC
Saturday – Men’s & U17 Girls division
Sunday – Women’s & U17 Boys division

Entry Information
This tournament will follow our graded format. AAA and AA will consist of a maximum of 12 teams per grade and will follow the criteria set for Elite competition. This includes:

  • Matches without a time limit
  • Maximum 4 matches per day

Depending on the number of entrants, the grade will be divided into 4 pools of 3, with the top team in each pool progressing through to the semi-finals. The remaining teams will compete in play-off games to determine their ranking. Each tournament will be considered on a case-by-case basis, by the following as we are unclear of the amount of teams per tournament:

  • Amount of teams entered
  • Amount of quality courts available.

A grade and below will fall under different criteria:

  • Time limited matches
  • Modified scoring
  • Minimum of 3 matches per day
  • Tournament will be scheduled to finish in one competition day except for regional rounds and opens (VWA Beach Open round #1 and WA Open).

Nominate through your VWA Member Portal or if you don’t have one, Click here to become a VWA Member

All of the rules and regulations are outlined in the ATABT Competition Rules & Regulations 2018/19. This season we will continue with last year’s seeding index awarded to teams instead of points.

Competition Information ( Will be uploaded as per section 7 of the handbook  “Entry Process”)





For further information and enquiries, please contact the Competitions and Events Coordinator at the office on 9228 8522 or email: [email protected]