WA Volleyball League


The Western Australian Volleyball League (WAVL) is a multi-division, season-long competition that allows players of all levels to represent their clubs and play competitively. Teams are all club-based. Please visit our Club Find page to find out information about your nearest club.

  •  Super League 1
  • Super League 2
  • Super League 3
  • Super League 4 
  • Open League 1
  • Open League 2
  • Open League 3

Trials will be organised through each individual club at the beginning of each season. Clubs are in charge of nominating teams for each division and will provide training and facilities for their players throughout the season.

Individuals interested in playing in the WAVL should contact their preferred club directly. Please note that clubs charge their own fees that are independent of VWA membership fees. Most clubs will accept new players throughout the season. The season runs over 21 rounds (SL) plus 3 rounds of finals.

All athletes competing in WAVL must posses a current “Full” VWA Membership (adult or U19). Please visit our membership page for more details.