Indoor Beach

Indoor Beach

As is indicated by the name, indoor beach volleyball is played indoors at large, mostly purpose built recreation centres. It is a good option for people wanting to start playing volleyball. There is no commitment beyond your commitment to your team mates, and you can pay as you go.

The growth of Indoor Beach Volleyball in Western Australia has gone from its early days when there was approx 3000 members per week to the present day membership level of 15000 members.

The State based Federation of Indoor Beach volleyball coordinates the Super League competition.

The future of the Indoor Beach Volleyball Federation is to develop the game into a national sport, with other centres now open in Darwin, Alice Springs and Brisbane with additional locations are being looked into over the Tasman in New Zealand.

The future of the sport is looking stronger than ever.

Super League

Indoor Beach Super League

  The Indoor Beach Super League is run by the Indoor Beach Federation.  To find out more information, please visit the Indoor Beach Federation website. To join a team or to find out about other Indoor Beach programs, please click here  

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