High Performance Review Group

Committee Members 

Board Representative: Robyn Kuhl

Coaching Committee: Susan Diver-Tuck & Ben McRobb

Junior Committee: Beth Morris

2019 AJBVC Senior Head Coach & Development Squad Head Coach: Rory Read

2019 AJBVC Gender Head Coaches: Mandy Combes & Jayson Fox

2019 AJBVC & AJVC Head of Delegations: Michael Dempsey & Robyn Fittock

2019 AVL Head Coaches: Mandy Combes & Mitchell Collins

2019 Indoor & Beach Development Squad and State Team Coach: Gareth Whitehead

SS/SM Representatives: Damian Oldmeadow & James Lewin

Acting VWA Participation and Development Manager: Ruth Gibbons

VWA Executive Officer: Jackie Tamburri