Alcohol. Think Again Beach Volleyball Tour MRA WA State Open

In light of the ongoing discussions that Volleyball Australia is having with all states in regards to changes to the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour for 2015/16. Please note the following in regards to Alcohol. Think Again Beach Volleyball Tour Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority WA State Open.
VWA are currently in the process of agreeing and then signing a formal memorandum of understanding in relation to MRA WA State Open timetabled for 6th-7th February 2016. To this end it is with pleasure that we are able to announce the following: The Alcohol. Think Again Beach Volleyball Tour MRA WA State Open will now be part of the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour and will accrue points in accord with the Australian Beach Volleyball Ranking System.
Please note the following changes that have been made as a consequence of this change:
– Dates for the AAA only to February 5th – 7th (Friday – Sunday) and AA divisions and below will remain February 6th-7th (Saturday – Sunday)

AAA will also see the following changes
– Maximum 32 team draw per gender. 8 pools of 4 teams with the top 2 teams progressing to single elimination.
– If more than 32 teams enter AAA the teams playing will be determined by the Australian Beach Volleyball Ranking System – There will be no qualifier.
– The entry deadline for the AAA division will be Wednesday 6th January to allow VWA to confirm with nominated teams that they have a place in the draw by January 8th.
– All players will be required to purchase a ATABT Playing Top (interstate players only require one top per player)

VWA will complete / confirm the following upon the signing of the MOU with VA – we are hoping that this will be achieved prior to the Christmas holiday break.
– Prizemoney for the event
– Make available online entries
– Update the ATABT Handbook to reflect these new changes
– The opportunity for AAA teams eliminated on Friday to participate in another competitive opportunity over the WA Open Weekend

We do apologise for the delays in this announcement, however this is an exciting development for the ATABT. We look forward to seeing everyone in Scarborough next February.

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