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Home of volleyball in Western Australia. We are a not for profit organisation devoted to fostering the sport of volleyball in WA, and here you will find information on our many competitive, development, and social programs.

Whether it is indoor volleyball in the winter or beach volleyball in the summer, Volleyball WA (VWA) is running something for everyone all year round. If you have any questions about events on this website or if you want to know about training or development options, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

Our number is - 9228 8522
Email - info@volleyballwa.com.au

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  Did you know that volleyball is the second most popular sport in the World after soccer? Volleyball WA (VWA) is the governing body of volleyball in Western Australia, striving to develop our sport at all levels of the game, from training juniors to casual social play to high-level competition. Volleyball WA is run under the auspices of […]

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WAVL June 22 2014-29


Looking for some competitive indoor volleyball?  The WA Volleyball League (WAVL) features a range of divisions from Super League (WA’s highest division) to intermediate and beginner levels. Time commitments typically involve training once or twice a week depending on your club and level, and games take place every Sunday and some Friday nights during the […]

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Collie 2016

2016 Collie Coal Cup Results

Thank you so much for being part of this years Collie Coal Cup. Here are the results. Men’s A...


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Volleyball WA is not only dedicated to the development of the sport of Volleyball within our state, but also to the individuals and clubs that contribute to its growth. We are committed to helping people to give something back to the community through various courses and development programs in the hope that they will endeavour […]



Interested in playing one of the World’s most popular sports? With the State’s amazing beaches, it would be a shame not to be interested in playing beach volleyball.   Volleyball WA (VWA) events over the summer emphasise healthy competition, fitness and an incredible setting. The beach volleyball season begins right after the end of the indoor volleyball […]



Looking for something more low-key? Love volleyball but don’t want to commit yourself to training or competitive pressure?  Interested in meeting new people? Social volleyball would be the option for you! If you want to start playing and you are looking for a club, then click on the ‘Club Find’ menu and find the venue […]

Indoor Beach

Indoor Beach

As is indicated by the name, indoor beach volleyball is played indoors at large, mostly purpose built recreation centres.   It is good option for people wanting to start playing volleyball.   There is no commitment beyond your commitment to your team mates, and you can pay as you go. The growth of Indoor Beach Volleyball in […]

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WAVL June 22 2014-52


Volleyball WA provides several competitive opportunities for players who are interested in playing volleyball and developing their skills. Our indoor volleyball season runs from April to October every year, but we do run a league in the summer off-season as well. Our beach volleyball season runs from November to March every year, but we do […]